SHAPE Kalmar

  • Type of project: Website
  • Role: Designer and developer
  • Languages & tools: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Sass, Bootstrap, WordPress, Node.js, Gulp.js
  • Published: 22/02/2020


SHAPE is a beauty salon in Kalmar who’s website was in need of an update to ensure responsiveness, a uniform design and the ability for the company to easily update the website themselves. I created a website for them in April 2019 but because of some changes made at the salon, regarding e.g. staff and what services they provided, I re-did their WordPress theme and made some minor design changes, which were published in February 2020.

Under the hood

The theme is built with dynamic in mind, making it easy for the salon staff to log in and edit the content themselves. I use the Bootstrap framework which is delivered through a CDN (content delivery network) for fast performance. I try to make as much use of the Bootstrap framework as possible (e.g. by adding padding and margin as classes) and only using custom CSS (via Sass) when needed. This is because the Bootstrap framework might already be cached in the user’s browser and make the site load faster.

I use Advanced Custom Fields Pro to create dynamic content on the website. I prefer ACF because it allows me to create a rather straightforward and self-explanatory interface for the client when they login to WordPress to edit the website’s content themselves.

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