Mumin tattoo

  • Type of project: Website
  • Role: Designer and developer
  • Languages & tools: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Sass, Bootstrap, WordPress, Node.js, Gulp.js
  • Published: 21/10/2019


Mumin tattoo is a tattoo artist who I first met when she worked in Kalmar and I was her customer. I realized that she did not have a website and after speaking with her about it for a while, her website was one of the first I designed and developed back in July 2017. The current website is an updated version that I created in October 2019.

Under the hood

The website is designed in Adobe XD and is developed as a WordPress theme which lets the client login and update the content herself. The development of the theme was first done as a static site using HTML, Sass, and JavaScript, which I then transferred to PHP files to allow dynamically inserting content from the WordPress CMS. In order to make the process of replacing images and texts easy, I use the Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin.

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