“I read it on Facebook”

  • Type of project: Essay
  • Role: Author
  • Languages & tools: Writing, Research, IEEE style referencing
  • Published: 20/02/2020


This is a short essay written for a university course called “The web as an application platform”. The task was to investigate a current topic connected to the web and web science area. I choose to focus on how filter bubbles are created on social media (Facebook in particular) and how the social media platforms’ algorithms are designed to support the emerging of filter bubbles. I also investigated how politically slanted news channels affect voters in the U.S. and connected those findings to how social media users are affected by what they are exposed to online in a society where social media is becoming on of the top providers of news stories.


I found that there is reason to fear the current development of filter bubbles on social media platforms like Facebook, and the effect it might have on democracy and the outcomes of political elections. Facebook might not be doing as much as we could expect to prevent this from happening because there is a lot of money to be made from being able to target news stories at the desired users.

I put a lot of effort into this essay and I am very happy with the outcome. It was well received and I received an A for it after handing it in. Please click the button below if you wish to read the full essay (5 min read).

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