My projects

These are some of my recent projects

SHAPE Kalmar

Website | Published 22/02/2020

SHAPE is a beauty salon in Kalmar who’s website was in need of an update to ensure responsiveness, a uniform design and the ability for the company to easily update the website themselves. I created a website for them in April 2019 but because of some changes made at the salon, regarding e.g. staff and what services they provided, I re-did their WordPress theme and made some minor design changes, which were published in February 2020.

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“I read it on Facebook”

Essay | Published 20/02/2020

This is a short essay written for a university course called “The web as an application platform”. The task was to investigate a current topic connected to the web and web science area. I choose to focus on how filter bubbles are created on social media (Facebook in particular) and how the social media platforms’ algorithms are designed to support the emerging of filter bubbles.

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Queens of Kalmar

Website | Published 10/02/2020

For three years in a row, I have had the honor of creating the website for Queens of Kalmar, a non-profit association in Kalmar that works for a more equal society, and organizes an annual gender equality festival in Kalmar. I am personally very committed to their cause so, of course, I did not hesitate to help them out. During my work with the website, I also became a member of the association and have helped them out as a volunteer in several different projects.

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Web application | Published 15/01/2020

I created this web application as part of a university course in database theory. This was a rather large individual project, where we (the students) had free hands to create pretty much whatever we liked, as long as it involved querying a database using raw SQL statements. I decided that I wanted to explore the Laravel framework for PHP and used it to create a social media platform.

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Mumin tattoo

Website | Published 21/10/2019

Mumin tattoo is a tattoo artist who I first met when she worked in Kalmar and I was her customer. I realized that she did not have a website and after speaking with her about it for a while, her website was one of the first I designed and developed back in July 2017. The current website is an updated version that I created in October 2019.

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Card game simulator

Console application | Published 11/06/2019

This project was an assignment in a university course called “Object-oriented programming”. The task was to design a console application in C# that simulated the classic card game Twenty-One (similar to Black Jack) and outputted the response to the console. The game should not contain any user interaction, instead, the different “players” should have programmable behavior using an algorithm that lets them have individual strategies for playing the game.

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