and skills

Below, you can read about my latest employments, my education, and some of my skills. For even more information, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

Work experience

Owner & founder

ME Webbutveckling | 2019 - current

I started the company ME Webbutveckling early in 2019 and I am currently running it alongside my studies. Primarily, I deliver WordPress development services but I have also done som graphic design. I both deliver websites directly to the end-customer and work as a consultant where I develop WordPress themes that is to be used by my customers' customers.

WordPress developer

Academic Work | 2018 - 2019

Just three months after I had started studying web development, I got a job as a WordPress developer through Academic Work (a company that helps students get some real-life work experience). I worked at a company in Kalmar that delivers marketing solutions to their customers, where websites often are a part of those solutions. My job was to turn graphic designs of websites into WordPress themes, which was a big and very fun challenge so early on in my journey to become a developer. I learned a lot about PHP and WordPress development at this job and it was very useful for me to be introduced to how the web development industry works after just a few months of studying.

Project Manager Assistant

Regional Council in Kalmar County | 2017 - 2018

At the Regional Council in Kalmar County, I worked in an integration project called "Vi blir fler", which provided seminars, lectures and short courses in intercultural competence and communication for people in Kalmar County who meet newly arrived immigrants in their line of work. My responsibilities were mainly focused on the financial and administrative aspects of the project, including following up on the project budget and reporting our activities to the European Social Fund (ESF). I was also responsible for a lot of other administrative tasks and even designed some graphic material that was used for marketing purposes.

Financial assistant

Swedish Public Employment Service | 2016 - 2017

After I had graduated from Linnaeus University and got my Master's Degree in Business and Economics, I started working at the Swedish Public Employment Service (SPES) as a financial assistant. I was located at their financial department in Kalmar and my job was to review applications from employers who received monthly wage subsidies for their employees. Apart from that, I also had the role of local IT coach and was part of a national network of SPES employees who had the task of supporting our co-workers in questions regarding IT and digitalization. Since I was interested in computers and IT, I soon also became a part of our office's software testing team, and regularly ran pre-release tests on our IT services.

Restaurant co-worker

IKEA | 2014 - 2016

While studying Business and Economics, I worked part-time at the IKEA warehouse in Kalmar. It was a great way to earn some extra money and meet new people shortly after I had moved to Kalmar. I worked in the warehouse restaurant, which meant I had several different tasks; preparing and serving food, working at the cash register, doing dishes, and running the staff restaurant, to name a few. During the semesters, I worked at least 6 hours a week at IKEA, and during the summers I worked between 20-40 hours a week.


Web development

Linnaeus University | 2018 - 2020

In 2018, I started studying a web development program at Linnaeus University in Kalmar. The program is provided as both on-campus courses and as remote courses, and because I still worked part-time when I started studying, I decided to choose the remote alternative. The program is focused on modern programming languages and frameworks and it is very code-oriented, with more than one programming assignment in every course. We have created several web applications in JavaScript, C#, and PHP, both in plain vanilla code and by using frameworks such as Express.js, Vue.js, Laravel, .NET, and Jekyll. We have also focused a lot on code quality, software architectures, testing, building RESTful APIs, and designing and manipulating databases (both using raw SQL statements and techniques like MongoDB and Eloquent).

Master's Degree in Business & Economics

Linnaeus University | 2012 - 2016

I moved from Norrköping to Kalmar in 2012 to study for a master’s in business and economics (a degree known as “civilekonom” in Swedish). This education was divided into two 2-year blocks, where the first two years introduced economical concept through a set of base-level courses, and the last two years offered advanced courses within a specific field. My first two years were focused on business, micro- and macroeconomics, statistics, commercial law, logistics, management, and business development. During the last two years, I studied advanced marketing, which included both consumer marketing and B2B marketing. The covered topics included brand management, international business strategies, marketing in mobile units, and sensory marketing and shopping behavior, to name a few.


Programming languages

These are the programming languages I am comfortable working with.

  • HTML
  • /
  • CSS
  • /
  • Sass
  • /
  • PHP
  • /
  • JavaScript
  • /
  • C#
  • /
  • SQL


I have worked with these frameworks in the past. I also love learning new frameworks and techniques.

  • Bootstrap
  • /
  • WordPress
  • /
  • Node.js
  • /
  • Express.js
  • /
  • NPM.js
  • /
  • Laravel
  • /
  • React.js
  • /
  • Next.js
  • /
  • Vue.js
  • /
  • Nuxt.js
  • /
  • .NET


These are the different applications I use often, but I learn how to use new software very quickly.

  • Visual Studio Code
  • /
  • Adobe XD
  • /
  • Adobe Photohsop
  • /
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • /
  • Postman

Other skills

Here are some other useful skills I have.

  • Agile methods
  • /
  • UML modeling
  • /
  • Git version control