About me

Mikael Eriksson

Hi there,

I’m a web developer who loves to solve problems and create beautiful websites and applications. I currently live in Norrköping, but I have spent most of my adult life in Kalmar, where I originally moved to study for a master’s degree in business and economics. However, during and after these studies I found an interest in web design and web development. So much of an interest, in fact, that after working within the economics field for a couple of years, I decided to go back to school and study for a web development degree.

My interest in web development started in 2013 when I took a summer course in HTML and CSS. I then started to learn how to design in WordPress and designed several websites for friends and some small businesses. After working with WordPress for about a year, I found freeCodeCamp, where I learned more responsive web design and, more importantly, started learning JavaScript, which led to my decision to start studying web development.

Background & personal life

I come from Norrköping and I lived there until 2012 when I moved to Kalmar for studies. I was very interested in music when growing up and I played in several different bands and orchestras. My weapons of choice were guitar, saxophone, and drums (to name a few). I still enjoy playing now and then, but nowadays that mainly means strumming an acoustic guitar while waiting for code to compile or watching a JavaScript framework tutorial on YouTube. After finishing my studies in 2020, I moved back to Norrköping and I live there today.

In my spare time, I usually work on some web design project but I try to get away from the computer too and love taking long walks with my dog, spend time with my fiancée, reading books and playing video games. I usually go to the gym at least a couple of times per week and like to try new workout forms.