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Website: Våga Välja

Picture of desktop version of the Våga Välja website Picture of mobile version of the Våga Välja website

Våga Välja is an initiative created by a woman in Kalmar who lectures, educates and blogs about sexual abuse, gender equality and mental health. Earlier she used a blog platform to write blog posts but as her business grew and she started doing lectures as well, she needed a new and more professional looking platform. I therefore designed her website using WordPress so she easily could keep blogging through the WordPress app in her phone, but now had a proper website to refer her customers to.

Analysis & Design

Because Våga Välja previously used a blogging platform and wanted to keep writing blog posts, WordPress was a natural choice when I began planning the new website. WordPress offers a similar user interface to the one Våga Välja was using, while letting me be more free when designing the website. This website has a lot of pages and a lot of texts so I focused on readability when designing it, putting black text on a white background for high contrast.

One of the pages on the Våga Välja website is a web shop where merchandise is sold. There are only two different items sold and payment is done via Swish so we decided that a traditional web shop (using the WooCommerce plugin for example) was not the best fit. Instead I created a page that shows the items and lets the customer place an order through a form which is sent directly to the Våga Välja e-mail address.

Tech: WordPress, OceanWP, Elementor, YoastSEO, Responsive web design.
URL: www.vagavalja.nu
Launch: 2018-01-28

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