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Website: Queens of Kalmar

Picture of desktop version of the Queens of Kalmar website Picture of mobile version of the Queens of Kalmar website

Queens of Kalmar was an equality festival held in Kalmar in 2018. They mainly communicated through different social media channels and needed a place to gather all information and structure it. My job was to design a website using their current brand image (logotype and color palette) and structure their flow of information in a way that made sense to their audience.

Analysis & Preparations

Since this festival had no earlier website, I began by looking and their social media accounts, where some graphic design had already been decided upon. The organizers had decided on a logo and a color palette which they were using across all of their current platforms so I contacted the logo designer and asked him to send me all relevant material (such as eps-files, and the separate layers of the logo). I then started researching websites for other Swedish and international festivals to see what they had in common and to use as reference for my first meeting with the organizers.

I then sat down with the organizers and asked what they needed from their website and what they think their visitors would need. We concluded that their visitors would mainly be people using their smartphone to visit the website, which is why responsiveness to different screen sizes would be important. In terms of design we discussed what sort of design they were currently using at their social media accounts. We then discussed the other websites I had found through my research so they could name what they liked and what they didn't like about them.


Tech: WordPress, OceanWP, Elementor, YoastSEO, Responsive web design.
URL: www.queensofkalmar.se
Launch: 2018-02-05

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