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Website: Mumin Tattoo

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Mumin Tattoo is run by a tattoo artist working in Kalmar. She mainly communicates with her customers through Facebook or e-mail and posts pictures of her work on Instagram, which is more or less the industry standard. She mainly needed a website as a way to establish an online presence and to make sure people could find her through search engines.


Since the tattoo artist behind Mumin Tattoo mainly communicates with her existing customers through Instagram and Facebook, the main reason for her to have a website is to make sure she can easily be found through search engines and to let new customers establish contact with her through it. When meeting with her and planning the website, we decided that it should be a rather small site with a one page layout that shows pictures of some of her best work, tells a bit of her story and lets potential customers contact her in an easy way.

I knew that she always evolves as an artist and therefore I designed the website in a way that made it easy to change the images of her work so that when she feels that the current images are outdated, she can simply send me new images which I can upload in a matter of minutes.

Tech: WordPress, Tesseract, Beaver Builder, YoastSEO, Responsive web design.
URL: www.mumintattoo.se
Launch: 2017-07-27

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